• Operator-SDK: Write a generic controller for an existing object

    2 min read

    Operator-SDK controller

    With operator-sdk, it really makes it easy to create new CRD definitions and create the template to write the reconcile loop for it. But if we want to be able to handle changes on objects that are already present on the Kubernetes cluster (not a custom resources) we can create the Reconciler from scratch.


  • git: Configuring SSH Keys per repository

    2 min read

    git ssh key ssh command GIT_SSH_COMMAND core.sshCommand

    For Git users, the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol is the go-to choice for authenticating and communicating with remote repositories. How can we configure the correct SSH key to use?


  • Pulumi: Skipping Version Update Checks

    2 min read

    pulumi environment variables PULUMI_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK skip version check

    Pulumi provides an automatic version checking mechanism to inform users when a newer version of the CLI is available. When you run a Pulumi command, it checks for updates and displays a message if a newer version is found. This notification is helpful, especially if you want to stay current with the latest features and bug fixes.

    If we want want to get rid of this version check automatically we can use the PULUMI_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK environment variable.


  • Apple Silicon's Rosetta: Selecting different architectures

    2 min read

    apple sillicon m1 rosetta arch command

    On Apple Silicon-based Macs we have the arch command that will allow us to to run a selected architecture of a universal binary. By default, the operating system will select the architecture that most closely matches the processor type.

    The arch command can be used to alter the operating system's normal selection order.


  • kubebuilder:printcolumn - Adding back the AGE column

    1 min read

    Operator-SDK kubebuilder printcolumn age

    If we use //+kubebuilder:printcolumn to add fields to print with kubectl get we'll notice that the AGE colum goes away with it. We can use an additional //+kubebuilder:printcolumn to add the AGE column back.



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