• ComponentStatus is going to be deprecated in v1.19+

    2 min read

    componentstatuses deprecated

    If you are using kubectl get componentstatuses you might have noticed that have been deprecated:

    $ kubectl get componentstatuses
    Warning: v1 ComponentStatus is deprecated in v1.19+
    NAME                 STATUS    MESSAGE   ERROR
    controller-manager   Healthy   ok        
    scheduler            Healthy   ok        


  • Install a development Vault on Kubernetes

    2 min read

    Helm Vault chart development testing

    If you are using Vault for storing secrets, it is desirable to have a different Vault for testing, CI and development. Having to setup an alternate production-grade Vault can be just not worth it (specially for volatile environments)

    For local environments it comes handy to use the dev server mode, for Kubernetes we can use the pet2cattle/helm-testvault to deploy it as an in-cluster service


  • AWS Controllers for Kubernetes - S3

    3 min read

    kubernetes aws s3 operator

    Amazon has recently released a set of controllers (actually they are operators because they are using CRDs) to create resources on AWS using Kubernetes objects. It works in the same way it crossplane works

    Let's install an test the ACK S3


  • Install awstools on a Mac

    4 min read

    AWS awstools

    awstools is a CLI tool that provides a small set of commands to manage the most commonly EC2 resources. It's installation it's not hard since it is a python script that has a list of dependencies on the requirements.txt file, but now it's even easier on Mac since there is a tap available


  • Patching a kubernetes object with kubectl patch and a patch file

    2 min read

    kubernetes kubectl patch file

    We can use the kubectl patch command with the -p option to update an existing kubernetes object:

    $ kubectl patch sc gp2 -p '{"allowVolumeExpansion": true}'
    storageclass.storage.k8s.io/gp2 patched

    When the patch is small is a very convenient way of patching it but as the patch grows it becomes less convenient



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