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This blog is written by Jordi Prats (github, LinkedIn)

I've been petting servers for a long time either by connecting to the server directly using ssh or by writing puppet modules for automating the server deployments. It is time to start growing a herd of cattle

Other works

I have also contributed to some major open source projects:

  • MySQL: Added variable to set a given amount of SUPER connections to be allowed when max_connections is reached. To be merged in the upcoming MySQL release bug 71362
  • MySQL: A new variable is added to record the time when Max_used_connections is updated. Merged into MySQL 5.7.5 CHANGELOG MySQL 5.7.5
  • httpd apache (mod_status): Avoid showing slots which are disabled by MaxClients as open. CHANGELOG Apache 2.4
  • ioquake3: Modify Quake III 3D engine to dynamically mimic the style of a comic book for any existing map / level (Cel Shading) - q3cellshading website - Later on merged into ioquake3

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