Kubernetes: Object reference

3 min read | by Jordi Prats

On Kubernetes we have lots of different objects, here you can find a quick reference to some of them:

We can also use the CRD generator to create definitions for new objects


A Pod is the smallest deployable objects in Kubernetes, actually some other objects such as Deployment of Job contains a Pod template on it's definition that they will use to create Pods. Here you can find some links related to Pods:


A ConfigMap is a Kubernetes object that lets you store configuration for other objects to use:


The main purpose of a ReplicaSet is to maintain a stable set of replica Pods. It is usually managed using a Deployment


The Deployment object manages the amount of Pod replicas and also provides declarative updates for them


A DaemonSet is a kubernetes object to define the creation of a Pod on every node of the cluster


Using an HorizontalPodAutoscaler we can configure Kubernetes to automatically adjust the number of replicas of a Deployment


By configuring a PodDisruptionBudgets we cn specify for a given set of Pods how they tolerate interruptions


A Job allows you to create Pods to perform a task. If one of the Pods fails it will take care of creating a new one until a given number of executions is reached


The CronJob allows you to schedule the creation of Job objects pretty much as you would do with crontab:


We can rely on Kubernetes to manage Secrets:


Using an Ingress object we can configure how to expose a service externally, typically HTTP services. It may provide load balancing, SSL termination and name-based virtual hosting:


Using LimitRange is a object used for an admission controller that it is intended to enforce resource constraints for a given namespace


A MutatingWebhookConfiguration hold the configuration for the admission controller to make requests to a service that will return a JSON-patch to mutate the object before being applied to the cluster


Network policies are objects that allows you to control the flow of connections to and from pods:

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