• Building multi architecture and multiplatform binaries with GoReleaser and Github Actions

    2 min read

    github action GoReleaser multiarch multiplatform build

    In order to build binaries for multiple architectures, we can use GoReleaser together with Github Actions so that they get built automatically when we create a release.


  • GitHub Actions: Scheduled Runs

    2 min read

    github action scheduled workflow interval cron

    GitHub Actions is a powerful automation tool that allows you to automate various tasks and processes, usually triggered by some change in the source repository. Using scheduled runs we are going to be able to schedule runs as well.


  • ArgoCD: Create Applications based on Pull Requests

    4 min read

    argocd kubernetes ApplicationSet pull request github

    One of the key features of ArgoCD is the ApplicationSet, which provides a way to group multiple applications together and deploy them as a single unit. This allows you to manage and deploy multiple applications as a single entity, making it easier to coordinate deployments across multiple teams and applications.

    We have several ways of generating Applications using and ApplicationSet, one of them is using the repositories Pull Requests.


  • Setting up GitHub's CODEOWNERS

    2 min read

    github CODEOWNERS shared repository PR review

    GitHub's CodeOwners file is a tool that helps teams manage and maintain their repositories more effectively when the repository is co-owned by multiple teams. The file allows you to assign code ownership to teams or specific individuals. This will make them responsible for reviewing and approving changes to the code.


  • Mask dynamic secrets from GitHub Action's logs

    2 min read

    github action mask secret runtime

    GitHub will mask all the configured secrets from it's logs, but sometimes some secrets are retrieves from different sources (like AWS credentials, secrets fetched from other sources...) We don't want them to be stored as clear text in the GiHub's Actions logs, so we'll have to use add-mask to prevent it



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