• ArgoCD: Create Applications based on Pull Requests

    4 min read

    argocd kubernetes ApplicationSet pull request github

    One of the key features of ArgoCD is the ApplicationSet, which provides a way to group multiple applications together and deploy them as a single unit. This allows you to manage and deploy multiple applications as a single entity, making it easier to coordinate deployments across multiple teams and applications.

    We have several ways of generating Applications using and ApplicationSet, one of them is using the repositories Pull Requests.


  • ArgoCD: Defining groups of applications using ApplicationSet generators: list

    2 min read

    argocd kubernetes ApplicationSet

    With ArgoCD's ApplicationSet controller we can automate the Application creation by automatically generate Argo CD Applications based on the ApplicationSet template.

    Withing the ApplicationSet we can choose between several generators that can be used to create the Application instances



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