• Pushing metric to prometheus with Pushgateway

    2 min read

    kubernetes prometheus Pushgateway

    Prometheus Pushgateway is a component of the Prometheus monitoring system that allows for the collection of time-series data that cannot be scraped: It allows you to push metrics instead of having to wait for prometheus to scrape them


  • Building multi architecture and multiplatform binaries with GoReleaser and Github Actions

    2 min read

    github action GoReleaser multiarch multiplatform build

    In order to build binaries for multiple architectures, we can use GoReleaser together with Github Actions so that they get built automatically when we create a release.


  • Operator-SDK: Create a group of objects that can be queried together

    2 min read

    Operator-SDK CustomResourceDefinition categories groups

    When you have several kubernetes objects (CRDs) that work together it can be useful to be able to query them all together to get a better idea of what's deployed without having to query all the individial resources. With operator-SDK we just need to annotate the objects.


  • Kubernetes: Search the specific rule granting a given permission

    2 min read

    kubernetes role clusterrole rule search kubectl

    Sometimes might be difficult to tell how some subject (User, ServiceAccount, ...) is able to perform a certain task: What's the Role or ClusterRole granting some permission?

    For this we can use the searchrule plugin.


  • Monitoring APIRequestCount in OpenShift

    2 min read

    OpenShift APIRequestCount monitoring API usage

    Openshift provides an object that tracks the number of requests made to the Kubernetes API server. It provides insights into the load on the cluster, the performance of applications, and helps in capacity planning. By monitoring APIRequestCount, you can identify potential bottlenecks, detect unusual spikes in traffic, and optimize resource allocation.

    $ kubectl get apirequestcounts
    NAME                                                                           REMOVEDINRELEASE   REQUESTSINCURRENTHOUR   REQUESTSINLAST24H
    alertmanagerconfigs.v1alpha1.monitoring.coreos.com                                                6                       1706
    alertmanagers.v1.monitoring.coreos.com                                                            20                      2891
    apiservices.v1.apiregistration.k8s.io                                                             994                     99521



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