• Pushing metric to prometheus with Pushgateway

    2 min read

    kubernetes prometheus Pushgateway

    Prometheus Pushgateway is a component of the Prometheus monitoring system that allows for the collection of time-series data that cannot be scraped: It allows you to push metrics instead of having to wait for prometheus to scrape them


  • Prometheus: Using Namespace Labels to Narrow Down Prometheus Query Results

    1 min read

    prometheus filter namespace label join group_left kube_namespace_labels

    We can use the labels of a namespace to narrow down the results of a query. For example. we are going to write a query to identify Kubernetes namespaces that have external secrets in a non-ready state and belong to a specific team (we are going to use team-a in this example).


  • How to Monitor Kubernetes Applications with Prometheus Operator

    2 min read

    install prometheus operator helm

    Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit that users a multi-dimensional data model with time series data identified by metric name and key/value pairs.

    The Prometheus operator is a Kubernetes operator that simplifies the provision and management of Prometheus instances on Kubernetes. It provides easy management of Prometheus instances as native Kubernetes resources, and also includes a built-in service discovery mechanism to automatically discover and monitor Kubernetes services.


  • Prometheus: Add label to a metric

    1 min read

    prometheus relabel_configs add label

    In Prometheus, to be able to add a label to the metrics retrieved by a particular job we can use relabel_configs.


  • Kubernetes: Autoscaling using Prometheus as a external metrics provider

    5 min read

    kubernetes hpa prometheus external metrics

    Using an external metrics provider (Kubernetes 1.10+) we can use an HorizontalPodAutoscaler to automatically scale applications using any metric collected by Prometheus. Let's take a look on how to configure it



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