• Pulumi: Skipping Version Update Checks

    2 min read

    pulumi environment variables PULUMI_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK skip version check

    Pulumi provides an automatic version checking mechanism to inform users when a newer version of the CLI is available. When you run a Pulumi command, it checks for updates and displays a message if a newer version is found. This notification is helpful, especially if you want to stay current with the latest features and bug fixes.

    If we want want to get rid of this version check automatically we can use the PULUMI_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK environment variable.


  • Pulumi: Setting passphase as an environment variable

    2 min read

    Pulumi environment variable passphrase

    When creating a new pulimi stack you can set a passphase (--secrets-provider) so that both configuration secrets and secrets stored in the state file should be encrypted using a key derived from a passphrase: To be able to use pulumi up you'll have to provide this passphrase. If you don't want to provide it interactively, you can use an environment variable to set it.


  • The truth behind Pulumi's AWS provider

    2 min read

    Pulumi Terraform provider AWS

    If when writing Pulumi code to deploy to AWS ever got the feeling that you where using some interface to write terraform code (HCL), there might be a reason for you to get that feeling.


  • Simplifying Input Parameters in Pulumi and AWS CDK Libraries

    2 min read

    Pulumi AWS CDK input parameters string pointers

    Some libraries require you to use string pointers or custom objects for some input parameters, notable examples are Pulumi and AWS CDK. If we only need to provide some static value for it can be annoying to use.


  • Deploying Cloud Resources with Pulumi and LocalStack

    2 min read

    Pulumi AWS LocalStack golang

    Pulumi is a powerful infrastructure as code tool that allows developers to deploy and manage cloud resources using familiar programming languages. However, when it comes to using Pulumi with LocalStack, there are some changes that need to be made to make Pulumi be able to reach LocalStack.



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