Pulumi: Skipping Version Update Checks

pulumi environment variables PULUMI_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK skip version check

2 min read | by Jordi Prats

Pulumi provides an automatic version checking mechanism to inform users when a newer version of the CLI is available. When you run a Pulumi command, it checks for updates and displays a message if a newer version is found. This notification is helpful, especially if you want to stay current with the latest features and bug fixes.

If we want want to get rid of this version check automatically we can use the PULUMI_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK environment variable.

As of Pulumi version 0.17.9, users can skip the automatic version update check by setting the PULUMI_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK environment variable to "1." This environment variable effectively tells Pulumi not to check for updates when you run Pulumi commands.

We can either export the variable:


Or specify it with every pulumi command we want to run:


By using this variable we'll be able to reduce clutter in pulumi's output, provided that we are watching for version updates in some other way.

Posted on 22/09/2023