• Use a commit ID as a parameter on an ArgoCD ApplicationSet

    2 min read

    argocd commit id build environment Application

    When defining ArgoCD Applicacions it can come handy to be able to use it's commit id as a variable. This comes specially handy when using ApplicacionSets


  • ArgoCD: Defining groups of applications using ApplicationSet generators: list

    2 min read

    argocd kubernetes ApplicationSet

    With ArgoCD's ApplicationSet controller we can automate the Application creation by automatically generate Argo CD Applications based on the ApplicationSet template.

    Withing the ApplicationSet we can choose between several generators that can be used to create the Application instances


  • ArgoCD: Create an application declaratively

    3 min read

    argocd kubernetes Application

    On ArgoCD an Application is a group of resources defined from a given source, for example, a helm chart. To create it we can use the argocd cli tool or create it declaratively as any other Kubernetes object using a manifest


  • ArgoCD redirect loop when using a Ingress objects with HTTPS offloading

    3 min read

    When enabling an Ingress for ArgoCD we might end up with a redirect loop: ArgoCD keeps redirecting to the main page using https, even tough it is already using https:

    $ curl -I https://argocd.pet2cattle.com/
    HTTP/2 307 
    date: Wed, 23 Mar 2022 22:38:31 GMT
    content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8
    location: https://argocd.pet2cattle.com/

    This issue happens because, by default, ArgoCD expects to handle the TLS termination by itself, always redirecting HTTP requests to HTTPS. If we try to offload the TLS termination to the ingress controller, from ArgoCD's perspective the connection is HTTP, so it keeps redirecting to HTTPS



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