• sceptre: Multiple instances of a template

    2 min read

    sceptre multiple instances A stack named iam-policy-example already exists ProvisionedProductName

    When provisioning cloud resources using sceptre we can endup with plenty of errors that we'll have to track down:

    $ sceptre create example
    Do you want to create 'example' [y/N]: y
    [2023-01-26 05:18:31] - example/s3 - Creating Stack
    [2023-01-26 05:18:33] - example/s3 s3 AWS::CloudFormation::Stack CREATE_IN_PROGRESS User Initiated
    [2023-01-26 05:18:37] - example/s3 Bucket AWS::ServiceCatalog::CloudFormationProvisionedProduct CREATE_IN_PROGRESS
    [2023-01-26 05:18:41] - example/s3 Bucket AWS::ServiceCatalog::CloudFormationProvisionedProduct CREATE_IN_PROGRESS Resource creation Initiated
    [2023-01-26 05:20:15] - example/s3 Bucket AWS::ServiceCatalog::CloudFormationProvisionedProduct CREATE_COMPLETE
    [2023-01-26 05:20:20] - example/s3 s3 AWS::CloudFormation::Stack CREATE_COMPLETE
    [2023-01-26 05:20:24] - example/demo-policy - Creating Stack
    [2023-01-26 05:20:25] - example/demo-policy demo-policy AWS::CloudFormation::Stack CREATE_IN_PROGRESS User Initiated
    [2023-01-26 05:20:29] - example/demo-policy IAMPolicy AWS::ServiceCatalog::CloudFormationProvisionedProduct CREATE_IN_PROGRESS
    [2023-01-26 05:20:33] - example/demo-policy IAMPolicy AWS::ServiceCatalog::CloudFormationProvisionedProduct CREATE_FAILED Resource handler returned message: "Invalid request provided: AWS::ServiceCatalog::CloudFormationProvisionedProduct" (RequestToken: 4580f5a3-bec2-72cc-5f9f-abad3792e57a, HandlerErrorCode: InvalidRequest)
    [2023-01-26 09:20:33] - example/demo-policy demo-policy AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS The following resource(s) failed to create: [IAMPolicy]. Rollback requested by user.
    [2023-01-26 05:23:12] - example/demo-policy IAMPolicy AWS::ServiceCatalog::CloudFormationProvisionedProduct DELETE_COMPLETE
    [2023-01-26 05:23:12] - example/demo-policy demo-policy AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ROLLBACK_COMPLETE


  • sceptre: Defining an explicit dependency

    1 min read

    sceptre explicit dependencies

    When we are using the output of one stack as a parameter for another one we are defining an implicit dependency: sceptre is going to create one first, get it's output and then create the other one. If we still need to create some stack after another but we are not using any output as parameter, we can still define an explicit dependency.


  • AWS Console: Assuming roles

    2 min read

    AWS console IAM role assume

    If you are working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you may have heard the term "assuming a role" in the context of one role using another role. This phrase refers to the process of temporarily taking on a specific set of permissions or privileges within an AWS account, in order to perform certain actions or access specific resources.

    Since when we are using the AWS console we are using a specific role to have access, we can assume another role as well.


  • Unable to reach LocalStack when running it with colima

    3 min read

    LocalStack colima could not connect to LocalStack health endpoint

    If we try to run localstack using colima we might face the following error:

    $ localstack status services
     ERROR: could not connect to LocalStack health endpoint at http://localhost:4566


  • AWS Lambda: fork/exec /var/task/demo: exec format error: PathError null

    2 min read

    AWS Lambda format error

    Executing a lambda function we might find that if fails with the following error:

    2023-02-04T21:15:33.723+01:00 START RequestId: 7cb12d0d-1e8c-4a8d-485a-0f5dced9a545 Version: $LATEST
    2023-02-04T21:15:33.723+01:00 fork/exec /var/task/demo: exec format error: PathError null
    2023-02-04T21:15:33.724+01:00 END RequestId: 7cb12d0d-1e8c-4a8d-485a-0f5dced9a545



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