• Setting up the Vertical Pod Autoscaler

    3 min read

    Kubernetes vpa Pod cluster autoscaler Karpenter

    To be able take advantage of using a Cluster Autoscaler (same applies to AWS Karpenter) we need make sure we properly set the resources any scheduled Pod is requesting to Kubernetes:

    • If we are requesting too much resources, we will be wasting resources
    • If we are requesting too few, the application might end up on a node where it needs to constantly share resources with other Pods

    When we are not use the resources a given Pod or container is going to use, we can use the Vertical Pod Autoscaler to help us define them


  • Using AWS Karpenter with spot instances

    3 min read

    One of the advantages of using AWS Karpenter is that makes straightforward using spot instances. But how do we handle termination notices coming from AWS?


  • Installing and configuring AWS Karpenter

    7 min read

    Starting November 29th 2021, AWS is considering that Karpenter is ready for production: It is a cluster autoscaler alternative intended to improve the efficiency and cost of running workloads on Kubernetes clusters



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