• Terraform: aws_security_groups empty list of SecurityGroups

    2 min read

    terraform provider AWS aws_security_groups

    Update 10/02/2020: The new version 4.0 of the AWS provider have been released. At this point, all AWS provider plural data sources (like the aws_security_groups) that return an array of results will now return an empty list if zero results are found.

    Prior to that, if when trying to use the aws_security_groups data source if the tags did not match any SecurityGroup, terraform would have returned an error instead of an empty list:

    data "aws_security_groups" "eks-pod" {
      tags = {
         "NotAnActualTag" = "WontMatchAnything"


  • Using data sources for retrieving data from not managed resources

    2 min read

    terraform data

    Using data sources on terraform allows us to make use of information not managed by Terraform, or defined by another separate Terraform codebase. We can use it for any resource os even an entire terraform remote state

    Let's dive in



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