• AWS Controllers for Kubernetes - S3

    3 min read

    kubernetes aws s3 operator

    Amazon has recently released a set of controllers (actually they are operators because they are using CRDs) to create resources on AWS using Kubernetes objects. It works in the same way it crossplane works

    Let's install an test the ACK S3


  • Install Crossplane on AWS with the Jet provider

    3 min read

    crossplane kubernetes aws s3 jet provider

    To start creating resources on AWS we can choose the AWS native provider or go with the Jet provider that uses terraform's AWS provider under the hood to generate a Crossplane provider


  • Install Crossplane on AWS with the native provider

    4 min read

    crossplane kubernetes aws s3 native provider

    Crossplane is an open source Kubernetes add-on that lets you create cloud resources using Kubernetes objects (CRDs). It's installation it's straightforward, but once we have it installed the key it to properly configure it's providers. Here we are going to use the crossplane's native AWS provider


  • Using MinIO instead of a S3 bucket

    4 min read

    terraform state S3 MinIO backend

    Since MinIO is an object storage server that implements the same public API as Amazon S3, can it be used to store terraform's state?


  • DynamoDB table for state locking and consistency checking on terraform

    2 min read

    terraform dynamodb_table S3

    When using a remote terraform state with S3, it is recomended to use a dynamoDB table for:

    • State locking: Ensures the terrafrom state it is not being modified by two threads at the same time
    • Consistency checking: Makes sure that that terraform it's being used it is the one that it is expected to be used

    For example:

    terraform {
      backend "s3" {
        bucket         = "infra-tfstate"
        key            = "jenkins/terraform.tfstate"
        region         = "eu-west-1"
        dynamodb_table = "terraform_locks"



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