• Kubernetes running out of Pods

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    kubernetes OutOfpods

    If you try to run too many pods on a handful of nodes you might eventually run out of available Pods. Using kubectl get pods you'll see them marked with the status OutOfpods:

    $ kubectl get pods
    test          deploy-test-84b4fdcbbd-59hvf            0/1     ContainerCreating   0                44s
    test          deploy-test-84b4fdcbbd-7dvs9            0/1     OutOfpods           0                62s
    test          deploy-test-84b4fdcbbd-btrwz            0/1     OutOfpods           0                4m16s
    test          deploy-test-84b4fdcbbd-gpkkg            0/1     OutOfpods           0                91s
    test          deploy-test-84b4fdcbbd-hbbdv            0/1     OutOfpods           0                67s
    test          deploy-test-84b4fdcbbd-j75x4            0/1     OutOfpods           0                68s
    test          deploy-test-84b4fdcbbd-s4qzz            0/1     OutOfpods           0                64s



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