• Create a yaml template using kubectl

    2 min read

    kubectl yaml template dry-run

    When you create a new deployment you usually focus on:

    • Number of replicas
    • How you are going to select the pods that are going to be managed by this deployment
    • Pod template

    Beside this, all the other required lines on the yaml are boilerplate so it's quite easy to forget about them.


  • Get YAML for deployed Kubernetes objects

    2 min read

    kubernetes object yaml kubectl

    In case we have some objects on the kubernetes cluster that we want to modify but we don't have the original yaml, we can retrieve the object in yaml format from the cluster using kubectl


  • helm's dry-run mode to render yaml files without applying them

    2 min read

    kubernetes helm yaml dry-run helm chart

    When you are installing or upgrading a helm chart sometimes feels like an act of faith: You don't really know what it's going to actually deploy. With the --dry-run option



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