• How to use terraform's nonsensitive() function

    2 min read

    Starting terraform 0.15 variables can be marked as sensitive, so it won't appear in plain text as a terraform output unless we explicitly request them. But we can also make the variable as non sensitive using the nonsensitive() function


  • Hide sensitive information from terraform output

    2 min read

    There are certain terraform outputs that can contain sensitive data, for example: Rendered helm values can contain sensitive data that we need to give to helm to be able to install the pods on our kubernetes cluster. Starting terraform 0.15 we can tell terraform which input and output variables are sensitives so it can hide them away from it's output.

    For example, to set an output variable as sensitive we just need to add the sensitive attribute and set it to true:

    output "helm_pet2cattle_values" {
      value     = module.pet2cattle.values
      sensitive = true



From pet to cattle
Treat your kubernetes clusters like cattle, not pets