• Kubernetes: Apply parts of a manifest by labels

    2 min read

    kubernetes kubectl selector apply

    Sometimes we might have a manifest file with a lot of objects in it but we don't really need them all. We can use it's labels to install just the objects that have a specific label.


  • The selector option can help us to select a subset of pods with kubectl

    2 min read

    kubernetes pod selector label

    On most kubectl command we will find the selector option for filtering pods based on it's labels. To use we just need to set the filter using the key=value format:

    $ kubectl get pods -l "app=spin"
    NAME                               READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    spin-clouddriver-9899c9b54-nbjp6   1/1     Running   0          29h
    spin-deck-56ff48c587-lc75g         1/1     Running   0          29h
    spin-echo-7ccf545b48-b5n9l         1/1     Running   0          29h
    spin-front50-59bff89745-2f65h      1/1     Running   0          29h
    spin-gate-644c968b68-2q8nj         1/1     Running   0          29h
    spin-igor-6669794575-2cnb4         1/1     Running   0          29h
    spin-orca-795789b678-nqrk7         1/1     Running   0          29h
    spin-rosco-6c9879b69f-gdrfl        1/1     Running   0          29h



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