• Using multi-stage build to optimize Docker images

    2 min read

    docker build multistage

    To be able to build a Docker image we might need some packages that we won't be using at runtime, an example of this would be the compiler or any of the tools we might be using to build it (make, ant, maven...)

    Instead of installing the tools to remove them later on while building the Docker image we can use a multistage build so we can just copy the artifacts we need to the final image.


  • How to build a multi architecture container using buildx

    7 min read

    docker buildx

    Docker has the ability to handle multi architecture containers: Using the same container image and tag we can deploy it on multiple architectures such as Intel and ARM. Since a docker container is composed of multiple layers it will just use one or another depending on the architecture we are running it. From the user perspective there's no difference on it's usage, but how do we build them?



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