• Using MinIO instead of a S3 bucket

    4 min read

    Since MinIO is an object storage server that implements the same public API as Amazon S3, can it be used to store terraform's state?


  • DynamoDB table for state locking and consistency checking on terraform

    2 min read

    When using a remote terraform state with S3, it is recomended to use a dynamoDB table for:

    • State locking: Ensures the terrafrom state it is not being modified by two threads at the same time
    • Consistency checking: Makes sure that that terraform it's being used it is the one that it is expected to be used

    For example:

    terraform {
      backend "s3" {
        bucket         = "infra-tfstate"
        key            = "jenkins/terraform.tfstate"
        region         = "eu-west-1"
        dynamodb_table = "terraform_locks"



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