• Terraform error: Provider configuration not present

    2 min read

    Due to the need to use the count keyword for making a resource optional I wanted to upgrade from terraform 0.12 to 0.13 but while doing so I found the following error:

    Error: Provider configuration not present
    To work with module.jenkins.aws_iam_policy.jenkins_policy
    its original provider configuration at provider["registry.terraform.io/-/aws"]
    is required, but it has been removed. This occurs when a provider
    configuration is removed while objects created by that provider still exist in
    the state. Re-add the provider configuration to destroy
    module.jenkins.aws_iam_policy.jenkins_policy, after which
    you can remove the provider configuration again.


  • Rollback an upgrade using helm

    3 min read

    When we upgrade an application using helm it can always go something wrong so instead of upgrading to another version or uninstall / install the application, we can rollback to a previous version that we know it is working

    Previously we already talked about the helm history command

    $ helm history pet2cattle
    REVISION  UPDATED                   STATUS      CHART           APP VERSION DESCRIPTION     
    60        Wed Dec 30 16:17:58 2020  superseded  pet2cattle-1.7  2.8         Upgrade complete
    61        Fri Jan  1 21:45:07 2021  superseded  pet2cattle-2    3           Upgrade complete
    62        Sat Jan  2 11:57:26 2021  superseded  pet2cattle-2    3.1         Upgrade complete
    63        Sat Jan  2 22:09:24 2021  superseded  pet2cattle-2    3.2         Upgrade complete
    64        Mon Jan  4 09:33:53 2021  superseded  pet2cattle-2    3.3         Upgrade complete
    65        Tue Jan  5 07:57:53 2021  superseded  pet2cattle-2    3.4         Upgrade complete
    66        Wed Jan  6 15:25:30 2021  superseded  pet2cattle-2    3.5         Upgrade complete
    67        Thu Jan  7 09:10:07 2021  superseded  pet2cattle-2    3.6         Upgrade complete
    68        Fri Jan  8 08:17:56 2021  superseded  pet2cattle-2    3.7         Upgrade complete
    69        Sat Jan  9 19:23:25 2021  deployed    pet2cattle-2    3.8         Upgrade complete

    Let's assume that the latest deployed versions is not working.



From pet to cattle
Treat your kubernetes clusters like cattle, not pets