• terraform resource time_sleep: Waiting for resources to be ready before using them

    2 min read

    terraform resource time_sleep depends_on sleep

    Some times we need to wait some time before using some of the resources to give some time to the previous resources to be ready. For this kind of situations we can use the resource time_sleep combined with depends_on to achieve this functionality on terraform


  • Using helm from terraform

    2 min read

    terraform helm resource

    When it comes into configuring a helm chart using terraform we can configure it's values in two different ways: By using set or by pushing a template with it's values. Let's take a look:


  • terraform: Apply changes to a specific resource

    2 min read

    terraform target resource

    When updating resources using terraform we might notice that infraestructure might have drifted for multiple reason: from developers creating or updating infrastructure through the web console without telling anyone, to uncontrolled updates on the cloud provider side.

    If we really need to apply a change but there are other changes that need reviewing, we can tell terraform to update just a specific resource.



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