• Install a multi-master K3S cluster with embedded etcd

    2 min read

    k3s embedded etcd multi-master cluster

    K3s has added full support for embedded etcd as of release v1.19.5+k3s1, so now we can create a multi-master cluster without the need of having an external MySQL database


  • K3s installation on a Raspberry Pi

    4 min read

    k3s raspberry raspberry pi cgroups

    To install k3s on a Raspberry Pi looks quite straight forward but it has it's nuisances.

    Installing k3s should be a single line command:

    # curl -sfL https://get.k3s.io | sh -
    [INFO]  Finding release for channel stable
    [INFO]  Using v1.18.9+k3s1 as release
    [INFO]  Downloading hash https://github.com/rancher/k3s/releases/download/v1.18.9+k3s1/sha256sum-arm.txt
    [INFO]  Downloading binary https://github.com/rancher/k3s/releases/download/v1.18.9+k3s1/k3s-armhf
    [INFO]  Verifying binary download
    [INFO]  Installing k3s to /usr/local/bin/k3s
    [INFO]  Creating /usr/local/bin/kubectl symlink to k3s
    [INFO]  Creating /usr/local/bin/crictl symlink to k3s
    [INFO]  Skipping /usr/local/bin/ctr symlink to k3s, command exists in PATH at /usr/bin/ctr
    [INFO]  Creating killall script /usr/local/bin/k3s-killall.sh
    [INFO]  Creating uninstall script /usr/local/bin/k3s-uninstall.sh
    [INFO]  env: Creating environment file /etc/systemd/system/k3s.service.env
    [INFO]  systemd: Creating service file /etc/systemd/system/k3s.service
    [INFO]  systemd: Enabling k3s unit
    Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/k3s.service → /etc/systemd/system/k3s.service.
    [INFO]  systemd: Starting k3s



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