• Docker: Using the host's network

    2 min read

    If we use the --net=host option with docker to create a new container, it will share it's network namespace with the host machine. It's main advantage is that it will provide higher performance (it will be close to bare metal speed); however, we might get port conflicts.


  • Network policies on Kubernetes

    2 min read

    kubernetes network policies

    Network policies are objects that allows you to control the flow of connections to and from pods. By default all pods are completely open to all communications, but as soon as a pod is selected by a policy, it is no longer be considered open: just the connections allowed by the NetworkPolicy will be allowed


  • netstat and ss alternative to get the list of listening TCP ports

    4 min read

    On docker containers we might not have neither netstat nor ss installed, yet we can still get the list of listening TCP ports by looking at the /proc filesystem



From pet to cattle
Treat your kubernetes clusters like cattle, not pets