• Redirect TF_LOG logs into a file

    3 min read

    When we enable tracing terraform using TF_LOG the output can be overwhelmingly hard to read due to the amount of info it's printed. Using TF_LOG_PATH we can tell terraform to save all the debug info to a file so we can see the usual output and be able to check the logs later on


  • Enabling debug information on terraform using TF_LOG

    2 min read

    Sometimes with terraform you might end up with some meaningless error that does not provide any clue what's going on. So instead or just trying to guess that have changed; we can enable some traces in terraform to try to make sense what's going on

    Error: AccessDenied: Access Denied
      status code: 403, request id: 8FCD12996B11F5F8, host id: xMF1Gs+VIEpxpk+1Og6UtchyT10K+mRWFe2IUZ8gqG13KbsRm0L8nRw8udzkqEVJagg8+RMpY3M=



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