Import files into objects using helm

helm ConfigMap Secret file

2 min read | by Jordi Prats

When writing helm charts being able to specify the files to use for ConfigMap or a Secret objects is way more convenient than having the object already rendered. Using .Files.Glob we can tell help to import a set of files into the object


If we want to push a file into a ConfigMap we can specify to .Files.Glob the files we want to import (we can use a wildcard for that) and then we can use AsConfig to it's result to be able to push it to a ConfigMap object, for example:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: cm-demo
{{ (.Files.Glob "foo/*").AsConfig | indent 2 }}


For Secret it works the same way it does for ConfigMap, we just need to use AsSecrets instead:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: secret-demo
type: Opaque
{{ (.Files.Glob "bar/*").AsSecrets | indent 2 }}

These functions are available starting Helm 2.0.2

Posted on 08/07/2022